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StepMills mimic walking up steps as a StairMaster does, it is a cardio machine that works your lower half including quadriceps, buttocks, and hamstrings. StepMills have a staircase that collapses in a downward motion as you walk up on it. You can walk up the staircase going forward, sideways, or backward. StepMills are a great way to incorporate more resistance into your workouts. They take your legs and glutes through a full range of motion


StepMills offer a shorter, tougher workout that allows you to burn more calories per minute than jogging or using an elliptical. StepMills work for both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, allowing you to build strength while getting an intense cardio workout. These shorter workouts can be more effective when maximum intensity is maintained for a shorter period of time.


StepMills strengthen your muscles because as you climb upwards, your muscles contract as they bear the weight of your body to pull you up, and this repetition causes them to strengthen. StepMills strengthen your core as you’re forced to maintain balance as you utilize the StepMill.


When using a StepMill, remember not to put weight on the handrails, but just to use them for balance.

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